Medianova Launched new POP in Romania


As Medianova we are among the fastest CDNs in the EMEA region and we consistently hear the countries where a strong CDN is not available complain about how slow their web performance is.

Although internet is quite fast in Romania, the ability to deliver content effectively is not always possible without a content delivery network. That’s why our team at Medianova launched New POP in Romania, which stands for “New Point of Presence.”

How a CDN POP helps e-commerce?
Online stores in Romania need faster web speeds in order to accommodate customers around the world. Romania can now enjoy 100% uptime, image optimization, services like HTTP/2 and dynamic site acceleration with web performance for e-commerce thanks to Medianova CDN.

Is Medianova CDN really Fast in Romania?
We are using Cedexis ( to monitor our performance based on Real User Analytics. As you can see from the chart below, Medianova is the fastest with Akamai with 18ms response time from Romania. You can always check these results on Cedexis Web site, Country Report.


With so many people using mobile to shop worldwide, the last thing any Romanian business wants is frustrating their customers. Online businesses in Romania will not have to worry about slow processing while their customers shop online.

New POP speeds things up through compression for faster loading of static content.

Internet Live Streams are now much better
Many businesses in Romania want to showcase special events for marketing purposes. It is now a lot easier to organize webinars and live video chats with Medianova’s Webcast Platform.


Thanks to the new POP in Romania, marketers will not worry about a live video constantly buffering or freezing.

Fanatical Support
Medianova offers less than 3 minutes first response time to support tickets. This is not a marketing phrase, but an actual figure that is measured constantly. Our team is dedicated to your success and our SLA’s are based on these metrics.

Reduced Costs
Romanian businesses can use small commitments to eliminate paying for services they will not use. This is the next generation business approach which is much different that incumbent CDNs. On top, we are proud of our pricing for add-ons and most of them are free based on CDN traffic.

With the target of being a strong player in the region, Medianova, will help Romanian businesses improve their budgets and maintain their cash flow, just like it does in many other countries.

Better Statistics and Reports
Real-time statistics are becoming much more in-demand, and New POP is going to bring those elements to Romania. It can help businesses to determine how exactly the users in the other countries react to the content delivered. Companies can make a more agile content marketing plan this way to give international customers exactly what they really want.

Seeing is believing. Please check Medianova references to see how we deliver the traffic of the Alexa top 50 sites in Turkey and in the region.

Contact us at Medianova to learn more about New POP in Romania and how you can use our CDN in other countries and places.

Four Reasons You Should Consider Webcast


Essentially, webcasting is broadcasting media over the internet via streaming services. Webcasts are delivered from a single source and can reach multiple participants simultaneously; they are typically live streamed. Let’s make it more simple: Webcast is the internet version of the traditional form of broadcasting. The content is streamed on web instead of radio or TV, and basically has the same working principle as them. Also, such live events as marketing activities can be organized through webcast.

Medianova Webcast Platform brings with it important opportunities for you to be in close contact with your participants, manage your investor relations, shape your sales plan, and to ensure that your ROI reaches the highest level.

Webcast is an extremely valuable and effective tool for streaming services and advertising activities. The webcast platform facilitates interaction with viewers who have connected through different devices.

Here are four reasons why you need to incorporate  webcast live streaming into your business today.

  • Visibility: Videos have become one of the most popular methods of spreading information on web. When you webcast, you can stream your content from a single source to multiple viewers simultaneously. You can conduct corporate communication activities with high quality live broadcasts and get your message delivered in a more efficient and effective manner thanks to webcasting.
  • Inclusivity: Your viewers will not restrict themselves to a single platform in order to access your media. Is there a reason for you to limit your live streaming and content delivery capacity then? Whether your participants use devices such as desktop computer, mobile phone, or tablet, Medianova ensures that your content is broadcast live and viewed seamlessly on all devices. And thus, everyone can be a part of your community.


  • Accessibility: Webcasts do not require any downloads, add-ons or conference call numbers. You can boost the participation rates with connections from any computer or mobile device that has an internet connection. And this this offers your participants a great experience.
  • Interaction: You can increase your interaction with your target audience, within the framework of a webcast, through activities such presentations, Question & Answer modules, and social media integration, in addition to the live broadcast. You can get real-time feedback from your target audience.


A robust streaming you can rely on is a must to deliver your content to 1,000-to-100,000 viewers.  Medianova, the biggest streaming expert in Turkey and the Middle East, provides support 24/7, and 365 days a year, with its “Fanatic Support”.

Contact Medianova today to find out how to make webcasts work for you and your business.

“Living” @ Speed of Thought

When I was on my twenties, I was deeply impressed by Bill Gates’s Book, “Business @The Speed of Thought”. At the time, he was talking about the internet and its impact on doing business.

It is safe to say that today we are “Living” @ The speed of Thought.

We watch videos online, we listen to music, we play games, we shop online, we book hotels, and we use many apps using internet at the background.

To enable faster way of living, CDN (Content Delivery Network) Companies work day and night to enable faster internet by using compression algorithms, by using machine learning, by hardware optimizations, by caching and by using smart routing and load balancing.

This is no simple task and definitely needs support from the telecom operators.


As you can read in this news article of the Capacity Middle East panel of last week, I personally covered this topic. But now, I would like to highlight some more points.



“First, local users needs to be served from local servers”

As Medianova, we do this in Turkey for many years. Riot Games League of Legends is played more due to faster downloads. Turkcell’s music service “Fizy” just passed Spotify which is still streamed from Europe. Fox and Bloomberg are watched more and have more advertising spots. E-commerce companies like Trendyol, Hepsiburada, Gittigidiyor (EBAY), Morhipo have much faster load times and more organic SEO traffic.

All this is done with Medianova CDN Platform and integrations to operators like Turk Telekom, Turkcell, Vodafone and

The analysis done with (3rd party monitoring platform) shows that Twitter could be from 6 to 65 times faster in Turkey if it was served from local servers of Medianova CDN instead of European nodes.



“Second, faster internet means more revenues for the Telco”

Nowadays, It is no secret that operators are growing more by selling data instead of selling voice plans. Faster web, flawless video services, better games mean more usage and more revenues for the operator. Also, operators can sell wholesale FOC (Free Of –data- Charge) integrations to content owners enabling even more usage and more revenues.

On top of these, users who are more than satisfied with their internet service provider are less likely to leave it. All of these facts ensures a strong business value to embrace faster internet goal.

“Third and the last, the dream of Living @The Speed of Thought is an ecosystem issue”

It is an indisputable fact that there is no company who can solve it all.

At Medianova, we believe that if we are after faster internet dream, we need to work hand in hand with operators. We can think global but we have to act local.

In other words, faster internet dream can not be achieved with only the CDN’s efforts and technology. Operators also need to support CDNs and see them as a mission critical partner instead of a simple potential customer.

With this in mind, peering is crucial for the Middle East region in UAE-IX as it is in Dec-ix Istanbul.

Performance analytics based on Real User Monitoring (RUM) company Cedexis shows that Medianova is the fastest CDN in Turkey (See: ) and now in the top three in the Middle East. These calculations are done for each end user and they are the most innovative way of monitoring performance.


The fact that Medianova is faster than Akamai (of course much faster that other global CDNs) in Turkey shows the value of focusing on Peering, CDN software, %100 SSL and SSD backbone, hardware optimizations and smart network routing.

This blog talks about Impact on Gaming Performance of Local CDN Providers in Emerging Markets. Maybe would be nice weekend read.

I wish you a very good weekend and a much Faster Digital Life…:)

Serkan Sevim

Medianova CEO

Your Website will be Faster with Image Optimization

Image optimization is a technology which automatically reduces the sizes of the images used in web sites. It has become almost a must for websites such as e-commerce sites, which mostly contain image content, to use such optimization technologies. A good website is evaluated based on such important criteria as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.



Image Optimization is important because more than 72% of internet traffic today consists of image file traffic.

How to Reduce the image size?

While it is possible to reduce an image by 100% of the original size, this process causes a severe amount of visual degradation. In order to avoid this, we ensure keeping the image quality as high as possible, analyze the images you use on your site, and apply high compression techniques.



What are the benefits for mobile devices?

Most people access your content through tablets and cell phones. Therefore, reducing Time to Glass should be one of your top priorities.  Users do not want to encounter unnecessarily big image content when they visit your website. Therefore, you can create optimized image files for all target user devices by using our resizing feature.




What is the effect on your website?

The faster your website is, the more satisfied your customers will be. A faster website provides you with more customer traffic and contributes to your SEO in a seriously efficient manner. Increasing the number of users on your website means boosting sales, which contributes to making your business more successful.

Please contact us for more information on our image optimization services.

Impact on Gaming Performance of Local CDN Providers in Emerging Markets

The foremost reason players abandon games is due to slow load times. In these emerging markets, low latency is key to providing content that will captivate users and convert to revenue.

The Middle East & Africa region represents $3.2 billion of the global $95.1 billion global games market Turkey is the number one region with a market share of an estimated $755 million. The top 20 countries generate 90.8% of global game revenues, and Turkey holds the number 16 position in this growing market.


The Asia-Pacific region account for nearly half of the top 100 revenues, with China holding the first position. India broke the threshold of top 20 sliding into the 18th position, and it’s expected they will break the billion dollar annual revenue mark by 2018. Growing countries are overtaking Western European nations with steady year-to-year growth.



According to Newzoo “Turkey Ranks #3 in the World With 70% of Total Game Time Spent on PC”. With that kind of industry competition, delivery performance could easily be the deciding factor between a client conversion or abandonment, leading to missed revenues.




Medianova provides a CDN that will ensure that content performance will retain users while the content’s own merit will determine conversion.


In fact, there have been studies showing that even a small delay of milliseconds can double the rate of people who quit playing an online game. Furthermore with a 100% up-time on our backed-up and uninterrupted servers, Medianova guarantees you that your game will be delivered on time, all of the time. This will decrease your client quit rate and increase the amount of gamers who will be playing  your games.


The CDN by Medianova is the solution for seamless platform content delivery with a performance level that will drive conversion no matter what platform a client employs. Providing a stable and reliable online gaming infrastructure with Medianova CDN Platform will keep games going uninterrupted and ensure the client provides the best possible experience for the end-user.

Medianova is the go to provider where user retention is the goal.

For more information contact us now.

New Generation Web Compression Method Brotli !

There’s been a lot of review on the internet over Google’s new compression algorithm Brotli, released in September of 2016. Part of the review has been over how it can improve data transfer speeds by quickly reducing the file size of HTML, JavaScript and CSS elements for website developers. A smaller file size means that websites will load more quickly and with less data used. And when it comes to high-volume files, even small reductions can result in less strain on servers and data networks, as well as providing customers with the speed they are looking for on their website. This is especially relevant for mobile users, whose data plans may limit their internet use, but as well as the internet users at every level.

brotli_cdnAs the CDN leader in Turkey and the Middle East, Brotli compression excites Medianova with what this compression algorithm can do for our customers. For the internet creators who use the new Brotli compression, users across our networks will be able to use less data to access the same webpages that they come to rely upon. Smaller data size means less strain on our already fast networks, further improving your Medianova internet experience.

In a recent series of tests, Brotli outperformed the main leader in internet data compression, GZIP, in every category chosen. While Brotli’s default compression setting is for the highest quality — and thus is comparatively slow, in contrast with a setting meant to compress as quickly as possible — when used against GZIP at similar data settings, Brotli outperformed GZIP in terms both of speed and quality of compression. For example, for compressing HTML files, Brotli’s median savings was 82% compared to GZIP’s 78%. While this may only be a 4% improvement, when taken in aggregate across hundreds of thousands or millions of data transfers, a 4% reduction is substantial. Medianova’s CDN system handles far more transfers than this; the impact is therefore wide-reaching for our customers.


The speed at which the two compression algorithms operate likewise falls in favor of Brotli. At GZIP’s default compression setting, the closest comparable Brotli setting manages to compress 21% faster than GZIP does. The outcome is that not only does Brotli compression manage to squeeze the average file size down a bit more, but it does so much more quickly than GZIP does. As Brotli will soon be native to Chrome web browsers, the standard web browser for any Android phone, and a popular personal computer browser overall, Brotli’s functionality right from the start can also be paired with a large share of the internet market, making the internet faster and more efficient for both users and providers.

Medianova always makes the effort to push for the fastest, most reliable internet service for our customers. Brotli compression promises to help us in our goal. To keep abreast of the latest trends in telecommunications and join with Turkey and the Middle East’s biggest CDN provider, contact us now.

What is Anycast DNS?


At Medianova, as the leading CDN in Turkey and the Middle East, we’re always looking for ways to improve networking and routing between senders and receivers. One method of achieving a secure addressing and routing methodology is through the use of Anycast DNS. Many people, even those with good working knowledge of network systems, may not be aware of exactly how Anycast DNS works, so we’re going to explain the basics.

As each user request arising in the digital world has to pass the DNS layer, what a slow DNS means is that your service is slow whatever you do. Anycast DNS is a network addressing and routing methodology in from a single sender are routed to the topologically nearest node in a group of potential receivers, though it may be sent to several nodes, all identified by the same destination address.


This might seem a bit complicated, but it’s really not. The receiver may not be physically closest, but may have the healthiest servers or best routing, wherever would get the data from Point A to Point B the fastest. Google’s IP DNS server also operates with the Anycast DNS method.

As the leading CDN provider of Turkey and the Middle East, Medianova  provides 80% faster service compared to foreign companies, with its Anycast DNS services which are integrated with the biggest local operators in Istanbul and Ankara.anycast-dns-performance-chartTo learn more about our extensive services, contact us, and we’ll be happy to meet your Internet and Technology needs.