How A CDN Can Make Your Website Faster

A Content Delivery Network – or CDN – offers many advantages to websites. One of the primary benefits of using a CDN with your website is that it will make it faster.  But how exactly does it do this, and why should this be a priority for you?

To start, lets explain how a normal website operates. For every website, there is a server that hosts it. This could be your own server, but more typically it is through a company like GoDaddy or HostGator. When someone visits your website, their computer connects to one of these servers, retrieves your website’s data, and then displays it.

With this setup, there are two problems that can arise. First, if you have a high volume of traffic visiting just one server, it can become overloaded – which will result in users being unable to access the site, or having it run very slowly. The other issue is that these servers have a physical location, and your computer needs to connect to it. If this server is far away, it will result in your website running slower.

When you use a CDN, your website is essentially stored on different servers throughout the world. In this setup, high traffic is less likely to cause an overload (since the traffic spreads out over different servers) and each person connects to the server that is closest to them. This means faster load times, and therefore a better user experience.

Speed is essential if you want to have a good website. Not only will your users enjoy using it more – no one likes to wait for a slow website – but it will improve your SEO rankings as well. It is common knowledge that Google prefers websites that load faster, and will give your website a boost in the rankings as a result. If you would like to learn more about using a CDN, or how it can help improve your website’s performance, please contact us at any time. Our team can help you get started, and discuss with you all of the benefits that come with using a Content Delivery Network.

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