About Us

Turkey’s leading service provider Medianova, executes about 1.5 billion daily transactions. Medianova operates with an innovative vision covering both B2B and B2C concepts.

By accomplishing unique and large-scale projects, Medianova carries the streaming services’ vision in Turkey to a higher level. Medianova provides services for reputable companies world-wide and has accomplished many projects which were pioneers of their fields.

Some of the Exclusive Projects & Achievements:

The biggest live broadcast via Internet in Turkey on June 12, 2011 for general elections reaching about 1.5M viewers.

The live broadcast of the first 360 degree view angled special live concert on the internet.

On-site Enterprise Video Platform for companies like Turkcell, Arcelik and some of the major banks.

Cloud services for companies like Microsoft MSN, Turkcell, Vodafone and Ebay. (Gittigidiyor.com)

The biggest encoding and streaming platform service provider for legal online music in Turkey.

What makes Medianova unique;

Medianova innovates and continuously studies new business models and technologies through its R&D department.

Innovation, R&D, Information and technology constitutes the basis of its business. With this consciousness, Medianova keeps the notion of innovations and sustainability at the forefront in all business areas. Medianova works on the most advanced and reliable technologies in order to achieve the institutional goals as well as providing continuous and high quality service for the clients.

Medianova operates with the mentality of top level responding to the rapidly changing demands encountered at all areas of the business world. In this aspect, aside from having the best network and cloud infrastructure, Medianova offers rapid and effective solutions to the clients’ demands.

Medianova aims to keep the diversity and quality of the service at the top level and organizes its employee and corporate structure to accomplish a flexible work pattern in order to meet the expectations of the clients.

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