“Living” @ Speed of Thought

When I was on my twenties, I was deeply impressed by Bill Gates’s Book, “Business @The Speed of Thought”. At the time, he was talking about the internet and its impact on doing business.

It is safe to say that today we are “Living” @ The speed of Thought.

We watch videos online, we listen to music, we play games, we shop online, we book hotels, and we use many apps using internet at the background.

To enable faster way of living, CDN (Content Delivery Network) Companies work day and night to enable faster internet by using compression algorithms, by using machine learning, by hardware optimizations, by caching and by using smart routing and load balancing.

This is no simple task and definitely needs support from the telecom operators.


As you can read in this news article of the Capacity Middle East panel of last week, I personally covered this topic. But now, I would like to highlight some more points.



“First, local users needs to be served from local servers”

As Medianova, we do this in Turkey for many years. Riot Games League of Legends is played more due to faster downloads. Turkcell’s music service “Fizy” just passed Spotify which is still streamed from Europe. Fox and Bloomberg are watched more and have more advertising spots. E-commerce companies like Trendyol, Hepsiburada, Gittigidiyor (EBAY), Morhipo have much faster load times and more organic SEO traffic.

All this is done with Medianova CDN Platform and integrations to operators like Turk Telekom, Turkcell, Vodafone and Turk.net

The analysis done with Catchpoint.com (3rd party monitoring platform) shows that Twitter could be from 6 to 65 times faster in Turkey if it was served from local servers of Medianova CDN instead of European nodes.



“Second, faster internet means more revenues for the Telco”

Nowadays, It is no secret that operators are growing more by selling data instead of selling voice plans. Faster web, flawless video services, better games mean more usage and more revenues for the operator. Also, operators can sell wholesale FOC (Free Of –data- Charge) integrations to content owners enabling even more usage and more revenues.

On top of these, users who are more than satisfied with their internet service provider are less likely to leave it. All of these facts ensures a strong business value to embrace faster internet goal.

“Third and the last, the dream of Living @The Speed of Thought is an ecosystem issue”

It is an indisputable fact that there is no company who can solve it all.

At Medianova, we believe that if we are after faster internet dream, we need to work hand in hand with operators. We can think global but we have to act local.

In other words, faster internet dream can not be achieved with only the CDN’s efforts and technology. Operators also need to support CDNs and see them as a mission critical partner instead of a simple potential customer.

With this in mind, peering is crucial for the Middle East region in UAE-IX as it is in Dec-ix Istanbul.

Performance analytics based on Real User Monitoring (RUM) company Cedexis shows that Medianova is the fastest CDN in Turkey (See: https://portal.cedexis.com/ui/reports/share/1hinr672shz4 ) and now in the top three in the Middle East. These calculations are done for each end user and they are the most innovative way of monitoring performance.


The fact that Medianova is faster than Akamai (of course much faster that other global CDNs) in Turkey shows the value of focusing on Peering, CDN software, %100 SSL and SSD backbone, hardware optimizations and smart network routing.

This blog talks about Impact on Gaming Performance of Local CDN Providers in Emerging Markets. Maybe would be nice weekend read.

I wish you a very good weekend and a much Faster Digital Life…:)

Serkan Sevim

Medianova CEO

Avoid Website Congestion With Caching Services

Are you aware that there are plenty of things happening on your server that can cause it to become congested as website traffic continues to increase? One of the first restrictions you will face can be obtaining your website’s critical information from the database.

If your website is new and you do not have a large amount of traffic, you may not see those hiccups, but as you begin to see an increase in traffic, your website’s servers will no longer be as productive and efficient.

You can add more servers, but this may not be a solution you want to spend your money on because it can be quite expensive. However, this is where caching services can come in handy.

The goal of caching is to store data that has been dynamically generated into a static format. When data is stored in a static format, you will be able to access the data whenever you need it again, and you will not have to go through any additional processing.

If you are using an application like WordPress, a database will be called so that content for your users can be retrieved. When you use caching services, your website’s performance will be faster than it has previously been because the servers will no longer slow down.

You may say that your website is small and you are not getting a great deal of traffic so you do not need caching services. However, if you expect your business to grow, your website will also grow. You should prepare for the growth by looking for a caching service now.

Contact us today for additional information on caching services.

3 Reasons Why your Business Needs a Site Acceleration Service

If you want to have a professional businesses website, then using a site acceleration service should be one of the first things you consider. Site acceleration affects several aspects of your business, so it’s well worth the investment. Here’s why it’s important to have a faster site:

Search engine optimization

Don’t worry, we’re going to stay away from technical jargon here. Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about improving your page rank on Google. The higher your page rank is, the better chance you have of prospective customers finding your website.

Your site’s speed plays an important role in your SEO. Google only wants to list pages that load fast and function smoothly, so the faster your site is, the better.

Faster loading times

Best online marketing practices suggest adding media to your website. In addition to text, you should also add videos and pictures to improve your user experience.

This could be detrimental, however, if your site is slow and clunky. It’s fine if you want to add in web design elements, but it’s important that your site loads quickly. Site acceleration can help you there.

Mobile devices

And finally, you need site acceleration so your site functions well on mobile devices. Nowadays, you might as well assume that your prospective customers are accessing your website from smartphones and tablets.

Site acceleration ensures that your site performs well both on desktops and mobile devices. The way it looks now, every business will need to have a mobile site soon.

At Medianova, we provide a site acceleration service that will improve your website’s performance. Whether you want to improve your loading times or enhance your SEO, site acceleration is an important factor.

Medianova is the biggest content delivery network in Turkey and the Middle East. If you’d like more information about our services, please contact us today.

Do You Need a CDN For Your Media Content?

CDN (Content Delivery Network) delivers high quality and rich content to all of your web users. A CDN has a network of servers that are in various locations across the world. Whenever you upload your videos, your photos, your music, and any other content, there will be a copy of those files placed on a server.

Benefits of CDN


When a web user visits your site from a particular location, they will have access to your files from a nearby server. This will help the speed to be increased tremendously. When files are placed in multiple locations, this allows you the benefit of having nearly 100 percent of uptime.

If there are any issues, a CDN server will handle those problems automatically. This is also another reason many websites are choosing to use a content delivery network for all of their media content.

If you receive complaints about your servers being bogged down or if you are receiving a spike in traffic, then you may need to consider using a CDN. You should also choose a CDN if the solution you are using is hitting you with too many fees or if you have to pay at a high rate.

For many businesses, they will find that a CDN will be an effective solution. If you are thinking beyond the long-term, using a content delivery network is a solution that can grow with your business.

If you have an abundance of content media on your website and you need to stream media, then you will need special software to enable this content to run. Many CDNs already have this software available on their platform.

If you want to know if you need a CDN, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have a large or small amount of content on your site?
  • Do you have plenty of web users visiting your site?
  • Where are these web users located?

If you think that a CDN is perfect for the needs of you business, but you are unsure of which CDN will be perfect for you, you should contact us today. We can discuss all options that you have.

Video for Enterprise

There are many ways Enterprise video is useful and important, especially because the wide-ranging power of the internet makes broad distribution of video possible with little expense.

  • Video is at the core of inbound marketing.
  • Video is a powerful medium for training staff over long distances.
  • Video communication makes international enterprise possible.

Inbound marketing is fast replacing older advertising and outbound marketing as models of choice for new enterprise. In essence, inbound marketing presents value-added content to attract the public and includes a call to action to develop contact to potential customers. On-line videos are the perfect inbound marketing venue. The steps to produce effective inbound marketing videos are very simple.

  • Create a light-hearted video that includes suggestions to solve problems a target audience may have.
  • Make the video informative, specific, useful and reflective of what the expertise your business can offer.
  • Make sure the name of your business is clear in the video but not central to the video content.
  • End the video with a call to action, supplying a contact point for anyone to contact you with questions.
  • Ready platforms like You Tube, Facebook, and Twitter are available to accept video uploads.
  • Include a means for people to subscribe to a regular series of videos or a channel to which people can subscribe to maintain contact.

Studies show that video programming is superior to text instruction in training staff, especially in staff spread out geographically. Video training focusses the attention of staff on the task. Visual demonstrations are clearer than verbal description. Since the video presents the same lesson to every viewer, your training will be uniform for everyone. Of course, one-on-one instruction can supplement video training.

  • Break the training into small steps.
  • Create short videos with specific training content.
  • Present these short videos in a graduated series.
  • The videos should be business-like but friendly and should introduce the staff to key management.

Two-way group video conferencing is now possible at low cost using internet platforms like Skype Business. Businesses find that regular video conferencing can be a very important cost saving over travel in most cases.

Medianova is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that can help your enterprise extend its reach especially into Turkey, the Near East and Africa. Please contact us for more information.

Medianova at DISCOP: Turkey, Middle East and Africa, a growing CDN market

Medianova, the CDN of Turkey, Middle East and Africa, attended the recently concluded fourth edition of DISCOP Istanbul, Eurasia’s premiere TV and online content industry gathering. It was a record-breaking event, as attendee figures rose by 33% from the previous year.

The three-day event which hosted 1048 delegates at the International Convention & Exhibition Center boasted a huge 52% increase of qualified buyers attending DISCOP. Delegates hailed from the Middle East, the Gulf region, Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia to attend the market for the first time, combining for a total of 67 countries attending.

DISCOP’s success in hosting the international community underlines just how important Turkey is as a content industry hub. For instance, Turkey is now the second largest TV producer in Europe with UK$1 Billion in TV content sales likely this year.

Similarly, smartphones in the Middle East region have doubled to 110 million units, up from 67 million last year. But, the driving force behind that increase is the smartphone’s delivery of data. Qatar has the highest percentage of smartphone penetration of at 75%; UAE close second 73%, followed by Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt.

Turkey taps into this growth. It is strategically positioned: it straddles the region between Middle East, a tremendous emerging market, and Europe with its access to the best of European technology.

In the last five years in Turkey, data traffic volume increased for one company by a factor of 200, which represents a significant leap in growth. The primary engines of that growth: mobile data, fiber data and mobile services.

With 80 million consumers in Turkey, its market offers exciting opportunities as growth continues to explode. Medianova proudly provides the services that make this growth possible, including (among others):

  • Static Content Acceleration
  • Dynamic Content Acceleration
  • Encoding/Transcoding Platform
  • Enterprise Video
  • Online Video Platform
  • Internet Live-streaming Platform

DISCOP Africa will take place November 5-7 at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg.

Contact us to participate in this exploding market of the content industry.

Four tips to successful video marketing

With the reach of video-based smart phone apps increasing steadily across the consumer base from Europe to the U.S. to China, businesses are looking more and more toward real-time video sharing, or Online Video Platform (OVP), to promote their brand. And why not? Many smartphones the world over now offer video cameras, so a quick video is only a few finger taps away.

Multiscreen Delivery with OVP

Multiscreen Delivery with OVP

If you’re looking to use Online Video Platform this year, here are four tips to get you started:

Think short and sweet
Don’t forget that time is at a premium for your customers. That’s why apps like Vine and Instagram — which allow only a few seconds of sharable video — offer some of the best, quick-hitting enterprise opportunities. If you can tell your story in less than 15 seconds on Instagram, go for it.

Plan for the long-term
Randomized posts don’t have the reach that a set schedule does. Consider drawing up a content schedule and make sure you stick to it. Also, use  the small, quick-hitting posts to tell a larger, longer narrative throughout the year.

Engage your audience
Online Video is a great way to both get your customers to respond to you and to refine your brand for your customers. Are customers having a particularly difficult time with one of your products? Try submitting a quick tutorial on YouTube and on your Video Portal. Want to know what your customers think of something in the news? Post a quick video to Vine asking them.

Intertwine with other social media
An unwatched YouTube video won’t help your business grow. Link your posts from your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social media accounts to generate the highest amount of views.

As Medianova, we are here to help for the digital convergence and video strategies.

For more information: contact us.