Your Organization’s Private “Tube”

Enterprise video gives your organization the ability to organize its audiovisual content into a single, easily manageable system. Authorized parties will have ready access to tutorials, company announcements, and personalized messages, while powerful security safeguards will protect your data from hackers and data thieves. These are just some of the benefits of an enterprise video platform. Other advantages include:

  • Seamless delivery to mobile devices, whether they’re iOS or Android based, with instant adaptability to the recipient’s playback capabilities.
  • Reliable streaming of both live and recorded content.
  • The ability to share multiple types of material, including PowerPoint presentations.
  • Full analytics capabilities, enabling you to gauge the ROI on your content production and distribution costs.
  • Multiple pricing models to match your needs and your budget.
  • A unique branded style that sets your content apart as distinctive to your organization.
  • Full control of your content from a single, highly secure access point.
  • SaaS, intra-firewall, and hybrid configurations to match your priorities.
  • The power of combined bandwidth capabilities for both improved playback and lower costs.
  • The ability to manage content created using all types of encoding systems, including legacy designs and emerging formats.

The benefits you will receive from an enterprise video platform, however, are contingent upon the provider you choose. Medianova stands apart from other services by offering features like these:

  • True turnkey services that free you from worry, allowing you to concentrate on your core competencies.
  • Fanatically fast response to support requests.

The peace of mind that comes from using an award-winning IT firm. We are the fastest growing provider of our type in Turkey, and with good reason. To find out more, contact us today.


Reach Out to Employees Worldwide with Enterprise Video

In life and in business, things just happen. Sometimes, missing important training and meetings is unavoidable. However, there’s a solution.

Put your business center-stage with Medianova’s Enterprise Video, a 360-degree video platform that showcases all of your corporate communications, orientation sessions, and training modules from a single point, all to be viewed any time of the day or night.

This show-stopper service provides an “end-to-end platform offering on-demand or live corporate video solutions,” as described on the Medianova website.

With Enterprise Video, all eyes will be on your expert staff as they conduct training sessions in the field. Moreover, your in-house meetings and presentations that stream live on this platform live will have the maximum chance to attract the maximum number of viewers. No one needs to miss an important meeting, ever again.

Indeed, with this service, you can broadcast video presentations internally, via the Intranet, or globally, via the internet.

After that, you and your staff can count on an in-depth reporting feature that compiles and stores relevant and valuable data, including the following: viewing rates, viewers, devices, and locations.

Medianova offers Enterprise Video in three different modes, depending on your firm’s requirements and resources, as outlined on the Medianova website:

Local : Provides access through Intranet and eliminates Internet costs.

Hybrid : Features low Internet and setup costs.

Cloud Enterprise Video : Offers zero setup costs.

The potential benefits of Enterprise Video are exponential. Would you like to;

  • Preserve corporate proceedings and histories on video,
  • Reduce operating costs at the office and in the field,
  • Enhance your company’s image with staff and customers,
  • Save money with pay-per-use provisions that do not reduce company bandwidth or network “Cloud” capacity,
  • Provide high-definition quality videos without interference or interruption,
  • Provide convenient on-demand viewing of all of your corporate presentations, meetings, and training sessions,
  • Make a name for yourself as a techno-savvy employer who provides employees with on-demand access to video archives via the Internet, mobile phones, and tablets,
  • Encourage and empower employees to collaborate in order to achieve more effective training results and greater productivity,
  • Benefit from maximum security capabilities, as Medianova’s Enterprise Video will always conform to your company’s specific security needs and standards,

If you answer “yes” to any or all of these questions, Medianova’s Enterprise Video services may be perfect for you, so your firm can claim a perpetual place in the spotlight with staff and customers alike.


Incorporating Enterprise Video into Your Business

Companies are relying more and more on video as a means of communicating their brand to potential clients. The reason is simple: the visual medium conveys more to the audience than text alone. It is also a great tool to help you maintain the customer base you already have, allowing you to communicate to them on a more personal level.

As an Advertising Tool

One of the most popular uses of video is to use it to communicate changes to your target audience. For example, if you want to launch a new product to your existing customers, you can create a video that communicates this and showcase your product in a visual format. Not only that, using your website saves you a lot of money as opposed to running the video as a television advertisement.

Video for Internal Use

Another great use for video is for employees. If you have significant information you need to give to your employees, it is much easier to convey that info through the use of video as opposed to something like email or a company-wide meetings. Video can also be used as a training tool, helping your employees understand company procedures and policies as they are visually presented to them.

Using video is not only simple, it can lead up to huge savings for your company. It reduces costs through saving time and increasing productivity. Medianova wants to help you put your video content on the web through its easy to use, turn-key delivery solutions. Contact us today to help you get started.

Why Enterprise Video Would Be an Advantage for Your Business

Communication is the key to ensuring a business runs correctly. But have you ever wondered what would be the most efficient way to communicate to all of the different branches throughout your business? Maybe you’ve wondered how to contact all of your colleagues at the same time without any difficulties or communication barriers. Luckily, there is an answer to these universal problems that plague just about every business. That answer is to use Enterprise Video. It is guaranteed to help with a wide variety of business communications. And the best part is, you can manage it all from a single point.

Enterprise Video would be an advantage for a variety of reasons:

  • Communicate quicker through video instead of email
  • Give employees constant access to the video content
  • Have the capability to use your own devices, whether they are a laptop, smartphone, or tablet
  • Look and actually be the innovative company who is imitated by all
  • Increase employee satisfaction and cooperation through better communication
  • Guarantee customer satisfaction because of better customer relations

It’s very tempting to get caught up in the technicalities of a business and not even think about the human side. However, we realize how important human touch is for a business and will help yours through the use of Enterprise Video. After all, employees are the most important asset a business can have. Why not make the most of that asset and find the best way for everyone to communicate while learning about the business and helping it grow?

To learn more about Enterprise Video, please Contact Us.

Let Your Enterprise Videos Attract Customers To Your Small Business

There are some smart ways your small business can use enterprise video. There are always people sitting around working or playing on their laptops and smartphones. Creating and publishing videos are great ways to engage people from all across the world.

When you can earn the trust of your customers, you have already achieved a very difficult task. You do not have to constantly talk about your business and everything you offer in order to achieve great results. When you create interesting videos and post them on your website, people will reach out to one another and help you share your business’s story.

People will find creative ways to share information about your business, your products, and your services. Some of the things that your customers come up with may have never crossed your mind, so it will be cool to have other people coming up with creative ways to promote your business. People are more likely to trust the opinions and feedback of someone who has actually used your products and services.

The videos you create should definitely be videos that people would actually make time to watch. You can create a series of video, a mini-movie, or a short video.

Whatever type of video you decide to create, you should make sure your company will be perceived in the best way. You want your customers to be engaged and feel like they are important to your business.

If you are ready to brand your company through videos but need information on the tools and resources you should use, contact us today.

Are Enterprise Videos Part Of Your Business Process?

Videos have become an integral part of the experiences we have on the internet. A large percentage of the content that we view on the internet will eventually become part of a video.

Enterprise videos are a huge way to get any of your ideas across. Videos are a good tool to use for memory, and they are also a good tool to use when your business needs to make when it is time for critical decision-making.

We have included a list of reasons as to why you should consider using enterprise video as part of your business plan.

Making Important Decisions

When consumers have an understanding of the products and services you offer, it will be easier for them to make a decision on if they want to make a purchase from you. Using a video will certainly help your business gather certain information about your process, and this will make everything easier for you.

A large percentage of consumers have said that watching a business video was the driving force behind them making the decision they made. Many people only need a simple explanation to help them understand how to use a product. If you can make a quick, but through video, you will be able to help a large percentage of people make a decision on your products and services.

Additional Reasons Why Enterprise Videos Should Part Of Your Business Process

  • You will have a powerful communication tool
  • Videos are used on a daily basis, so you know people will watch them
  • Videos can be watched across the world, so you will be able to reach a large number of people
  • People will want to know more about your business because of your use of videos

Videos can be an effective tool to add to your business process. You can communicate with anyone through video. If you want to take advantage of enterprise videos and add them to your business campaign, contact us today.

Enterprise Video Can Change Your Company’s Culture In A Positive Way

The culture of your company is one of the essential aspects of a workplace. Every company should strive to have a culture that is positive and productive. Many employees are not only concerned with what kind of work they do, but they are also concerned with how they get the job done. Taking this type of approach is turning into an important focus for several businesses in different industries.

There are various ways to add a positive environment in your workplace and to make sure your employees always have the motivation to work hard every day. One of the best ways to achieve this is by implementing strategies that will engage employees. Employee engagement will have a major impact on your company.

Cloud Computing Concept

One of the best ways to encourage employee engagement and increase motivation is by using enterprise video. Using enterprise video can be a phenomenal way to improve communication, even through an email message.

Employees will be able to use video as a training mechanism. The videos can also be used to stream meetings or other workplace events, as well as using them to globalize the company. Enterprise video should be considered in any workplace, especially those who need to keep up with the demands of the industry.

It is not difficult to have a positive culture, but some managers think it is impossible. If you are determined to have a positive culture, you can take all the right steps to ensure it happens. If your workplace culture needs to evolve and become positive and motivating, contact us to find out how enterprise video can help you achieve the culture you want.