Medianova is the best CDN in Turkey, the Middle East, and Africa

One of the most important things about a CDN is its geographic location. The geographic location of a CDN effects how quickly and effectively your website’s content reaches a potential consumer.

If your users based in Turkey, the Middle East, or Africa and you are trying to promote your business via the digital world, you are very lucky. Because you have Medianova as an option for your CDN.

Medianova is the best CDN to have nearby, because they offer much more than just content delivery.


Medianova has a program in place that will encode sensitive data for your company to make sure that it fits to all devices. This encoding process will also compress your data, meaning that you don’t have to take up as much space on the cloud and your CDN costs are much lower.

Cloud storage and Hosting

Medianova will take care of all of the storage needed for your information to be safely protected. if you need, we can even provide hosting for you, so that you don’t need to invest in a physical server.

Internet streaming

Medianova has options in terms of hosting video-streaming and live streams on your website.

With the wide array of options that Medianova presents in conjunction with its geographic location, it is clear that Medianova is the only CDN you should work with if you are based in Africa, Turkey, or the Middle East.

If you are looking for a CDN that will fit your businesses individual needs in a variety of ways contact us.

Medianova at DISCOP: Turkey, Middle East and Africa, a growing CDN market

Medianova, the CDN of Turkey, Middle East and Africa, attended the recently concluded fourth edition of DISCOP Istanbul, Eurasia’s premiere TV and online content industry gathering. It was a record-breaking event, as attendee figures rose by 33% from the previous year.

The three-day event which hosted 1048 delegates at the International Convention & Exhibition Center boasted a huge 52% increase of qualified buyers attending DISCOP. Delegates hailed from the Middle East, the Gulf region, Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia to attend the market for the first time, combining for a total of 67 countries attending.

DISCOP’s success in hosting the international community underlines just how important Turkey is as a content industry hub. For instance, Turkey is now the second largest TV producer in Europe with UK$1 Billion in TV content sales likely this year.

Similarly, smartphones in the Middle East region have doubled to 110 million units, up from 67 million last year. But, the driving force behind that increase is the smartphone’s delivery of data. Qatar has the highest percentage of smartphone penetration of at 75%; UAE close second 73%, followed by Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt.

Turkey taps into this growth. It is strategically positioned: it straddles the region between Middle East, a tremendous emerging market, and Europe with its access to the best of European technology.

In the last five years in Turkey, data traffic volume increased for one company by a factor of 200, which represents a significant leap in growth. The primary engines of that growth: mobile data, fiber data and mobile services.

With 80 million consumers in Turkey, its market offers exciting opportunities as growth continues to explode. Medianova proudly provides the services that make this growth possible, including (among others):

  • Static Content Acceleration
  • Dynamic Content Acceleration
  • Encoding/Transcoding Platform
  • Enterprise Video
  • Online Video Platform
  • Internet Live-streaming Platform

DISCOP Africa will take place November 5-7 at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg.

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How a Content Delivery Network can Help with Your Live Event Marketing

Bosphorus Cup 2014

Bosphorus Cup 2014

Live event marketing is one of the most important components of digital marketing. It allows businesses to establish a brand identity in front of a large audience.

When hosting a live event, you’re completely in charge of your brand image. You can plan the event in advance to ensure that you’re presenting your brand exactly how you want to.

A recent Marketing Profs article talks about live event marketing and webinars. The article includes the results of a survey that asked marketers why they host live events. The following list shows the most popular answers in descending order:

  • Lead Generation
  • Brand-building
  • Customer Engagement
  • Demand Generation
  • Customer Education and Training
  • Customer Up-selling
  • Community-building

But while many businesses would like to host live events to improve their marketing efforts, they don’t have the technical capabilities to do so. The most common problem is that their network doesn’t have adequate bandwith to host live videos.

Besides investing in their network infrastructure, businesses have another option: having a content delivery network host their live videos. When businesses use a content delivery network, they don’t have to worry about having enough bandwith for live event marketing. The content delivery network takes care of all that for them.

So not only are businesses able to host live events on their website, their network bandwith is also free to support other operations. This is a cost-effective alternative to investing in the company’s infrastructure.

In order to establish a brand identity, many marketers incorporate live event marketing into their strategies. To do this successfully, however, their network must be capable of hosting live video. Since most businesses can’t fulfill this requirement, they outsource the service to a content delivery network that is capable of hosting their video for them.

To talk more about the services provided by a content delivery network, or anything else, please contact us.

10 Rules for Successful Live Streaming

Video is the centerpiece of today’s most popular marketing activities. No doubt, live streams are the most effective use of videos. So, what should you consider for a successful live streaming?

  1. Survey and Test
    Real life conditions never unfold by the book. Performing survey and test at live streaming location will make you ready for any potential surprise on the streaming day. The shorter the time between the test and the stream, the less likely the conditions will change.
  2. Be Sure of Your Connection Speed
    Streaming standards are changing by each passing day, coupled with the rising streaming quality and viewer expectations. Keep in mind date you will require continuous and quality Internet connection to deliver HD streaming. Dedicated lines for live streaming will always ensure higher quality.
  3. Work with experienced teams
    The most advanced technology does not always give the best result. Working with teams who are closely familiar with their equipment and performed many live streams will help improve the quality of your delivery and minimize the stress on the streaming day.
  4. Secure the best lighting conditions
    Even the best cameras need lighting. Streaming at low lighting conditions will reach the viewer at low quality. You may need extra equipment to ensure the best lighting at all angles. Let the shooting team guide and inform about the equipment needed.
  5. Secure the best sound conditions
    Live streaming is not just about image. Your viewers also deserve a good sound quality. Coordinating with the team at the location site is key. Beforehand knowledge of environmental factors and equipment quality will eliminate any potential problem during the streaming.
  6. Bosphorus Cup 2014

    Bosphorus Cup 2014

    Stream with redundancy
    No matter how reliable the technology is, you still have to do your due for continuous streaming. Always have redundant battery, microphone, cabling and encoder. Stream to multiple points. Don’t have any idea about redundancy? Consult with someone who knows or engage professionals.

  7. Promote your streaming
    A high viewing rate is a must for successful streams. Do not neglect to promote your streaming. Make sure to use e-mail newsletters, social media, telemarketing, membership options, as they will help spread your streaming and return to you as viewers on the streaming day.
  8. Have interactive streaming
    Interactive streams are always a more attractive option! Oblige to this rule, and you will see that more people talk about your stream and success is expanded to your next streams as well. Follow Twitter stream on the streaming page, conduct Q&A and put your Facebook page to use.
  9. Start your stream early
    Starting your stream before the scheduled hour is a way of ensuring smooth end-to-end operation and attracting the attention of your visitors early. Once the setup is done, you can start your streaming 30 to 45 minutes earlier by showing images and playing background music.
  10. Pay attention to post-streaming
    Your live streaming may be over, but your job is not. After the streaming, you can start replaying your record right away, and in doing so, draw the attention of late visitors to your page. A post-production effort after this may net you a video that you can use in marketing.

We offer you end-to-end delivery in both live streaming services but all of our B2B and B2C solutions such as video, streaming and online video platforms. For more about our products and services, contact us.

Transitioning to Mobile Business Operations with Medianova

A growing trend seen in the business world today is that businesses are trying to go mobile. With every new development of technology, the need to do business in the company office is further reduced. Businesses now don’t want to be tied down to their office. Instead, they’d rather have the option to do work and complete tasks from anywhere.

A survey conducted by Vanson Bourne prompted over 1,700 senior IT decisions makers. The results of the survey signal that most businesses are now trying to increase their mobility and mobile options. In addition, businesses are even developing new management techniques that will let them manage employees from any location:

“Just more than half (51 percent) of organizations say they are changing management processes to better manage those working on any device from anywhere, and the results indicated organizations are most focused on measuring the impact that mobility has on productivity and employee motivation.”

Business on MobileIncreasing mobile options means a few things for businesses. The number one priority is access to data. Previously, businesses could not do this because all the documents were secured safely in the office. Now, however, businesses can use cloud storage to access their data from any device that has Internet capabilities and permission from the company. Cloud storage also protects the information better than a file cabinet and a key ever could.

Another factor of mobility for businesses is mobile streaming. Many companies use media files to transmit company announcements and training videos. Mobile streaming allows employees to access company media files when they are not in the office. Businesses can therefore manage employees who are living hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

Many businesses are now switching to more mobile business operations. The switch requires a change in management and access to new technology. If you’re interested in increasing you’re businesses’ mobility, contact us.

The Switch to Internet TV

After revolutionizing the music industry, the Internet is now changing the way people watch TV for the better. Because of its focus on user preference, Internet TV is replacing the traditional ways of watching TV. In addition to the improved user experience, Internet TV also streams at a high quality and a low cost, representing a common sense switch for the average user. The dominance of Internet TV is not a question of if, but when; the benefits of the service are clear, and recently there has been steady growth in the industry which signals its future breakout.

Internet TV

A new article by CNN Money titled “The move to Internet TV, by the numbers” reports the growth of Internet TV and provides context to how big the industry is growing. According the to the report, 56% of households with access to broadband Internet have at least one TV connected to the Internet. They attribute this growth to the prevalence of smart TVs and content delivery networks. The article also explains that as more people gain access to high speed Internet and acquire the necessary software, Internet TV will only continue to grow:

“The speed at which television moves off of cable and onto the Internet will be determined largely by what people decide to do in their living rooms. Now that they have the hardware and software tools to access TV online — and, of course, lots of videos to watch — all eyes are on home viewers.”

As the cost of the the basic necessary technology falls, more and more people will choose Internet TV because of its easy of access, focus on user preference, and low cost. If you’re interested in Internet TV or other services provided by content delivery networks, contact us. We provide reliable, reasonably priced Internet TV that improves the entire user experience.

Live Streaming with a Content Delivery Network

There are many reasons why companies stream their events live; whether its a corporate meeting or they are showing off a new commercial, live streaming is a solid option because it can gain a larger audience through the Internet. But in the very competitive global economy, live streaming is beneficial for companies because it’s yet another way to differentiate themselves from competitors; live streaming can be a very powerful marketing tool, and it may make the difference when two companies are trying to propose a better value proposition. Companies that choose not to incorporate live streaming into their marketing strategy face the risk of losing ground to a competitor who seizes its advantage.

A recent article by Web Analytics World lists numerous benefits as to why live streaming is important for companies. According to the article, in addition to appealing to a wider audience and maybe generating new revenues, the use of live streaming is a common tactic by marketing teams used to separate their product or service from their competitor’s:

“Streaming live events and content could give your brand or business a fantastic point of differentiation. Live streamed events whether it’s a Webinar, conference or just an informal tutorial chat are not something that is being used by many organisations. If you could take this innovative use of Internet video and steer it towards your organisations marketing aims then you could really start to set yourself apart from the rest of the competition.”

Though live streaming can help a company differentiate itself, it can only do so if done right. Streaming live events typically requires the use of a content delivery network that can handle the high amount of traffic and still transmit a high quality picture. With the help of a content delivery network, companies can beat their competition by offering a new aspect to their marketing strategy: live streaming.

If you’re interested in a content delivery network, or would like to stream your events live, contact us.