50% Faster Websites with HTTP/2 !

HTTP/2 is new internet technology, entirely designed for the modern world needs. The main objectives of this technology are enhancing websites’ indispensable elements as speed performance, efficiency and security. With this improving technology, popular browsers and web servers started to develop themselves as HTTP/2 friendly.



Since 1999,  browsers were using HTTP/1.1 to connect with web servers. In 2009, Google started to develop SPDY technology to develop better protocol than HTTP/1.1. In, 2015 Google stopped SPDY support and  started to support the development of HTTP/2.



What are the benefits of HTTP/2 ?

It diminishes half of the data processes during the opening of website and provide high success for website loading.

  • It only needs 1 TCP connection for binary communication
  • It provides faster delivery for static files to end users
  • It provides network benefit by HPACK and HTTP Header compression
  • In mobile, it provides lower latency, battery usage and bandwidth quota usage
  • It provides security from man-in-the-middle attacks by using SSL certificate
  • Google Boots support HTTP/2 and with faster loading time, It provides certain SEO advantage



Because of all these benefits HTTP/2 provides, Most of the giant companies had to update their services with HTTP/2 technologies. At this point, Medianova adapted HTTP/2 technology to its own systems, as with every new internet technology.




You can contact us for more information about your own customized CDN and HTTP/2 solution.

Http/1.1 vs Http/2 Benchmark test.

Faster Games with Medianova CDN

Everyday, innovators introduce new devices and multi-player features to the gaming world. The demand for online gaming continues to increase forcing innovators to come up with consistent and fast streaming innovations. At Medianova, we offer you strong infrastructure and caching and streaming platforms to help you improve your gaming experience. We offer 5 services depending on your business needs:

Fast Integration

We ensure that our gaming products are completely compatible with your IT and security standards. This enhances the service delivery process both on our side and yours.

Fanatical Support and Stability

All inquiries are responded to within a 3-minute first response time, which is faster and more reliable than the average in the industry.

Stability and Flexibility

Medianova CDN also provides you and your clients with a stable distribution standard for your game content, including content streaming and game patches.

Large Traffic Capacity

We have strong infrastructure that is capable of delivery up to 5.3% of Turkey’s bandwith.


Highly Reliable up-time

100% up-time powered by our active servers, which makes it possible to provide continuous services.


Contact us for more information on our customized gaming solutions for your business.

Your Organization’s Private “Tube”

Enterprise video gives your organization the ability to organize its audiovisual content into a single, easily manageable system. Authorized parties will have ready access to tutorials, company announcements, and personalized messages, while powerful security safeguards will protect your data from hackers and data thieves. These are just some of the benefits of an enterprise video platform. Other advantages include:

  • Seamless delivery to mobile devices, whether they’re iOS or Android based, with instant adaptability to the recipient’s playback capabilities.
  • Reliable streaming of both live and recorded content.
  • The ability to share multiple types of material, including PowerPoint presentations.
  • Full analytics capabilities, enabling you to gauge the ROI on your content production and distribution costs.
  • Multiple pricing models to match your needs and your budget.
  • A unique branded style that sets your content apart as distinctive to your organization.
  • Full control of your content from a single, highly secure access point.
  • SaaS, intra-firewall, and hybrid configurations to match your priorities.
  • The power of combined bandwidth capabilities for both improved playback and lower costs.
  • The ability to manage content created using all types of encoding systems, including legacy designs and emerging formats.

The benefits you will receive from an enterprise video platform, however, are contingent upon the provider you choose. Medianova stands apart from other services by offering features like these:

  • True turnkey services that free you from worry, allowing you to concentrate on your core competencies.
  • Fanatically fast response to support requests.

The peace of mind that comes from using an award-winning IT firm. We are the fastest growing provider of our type in Turkey, and with good reason. To find out more, contact us today.


Reach Out to Employees Worldwide with Enterprise Video

In life and in business, things just happen. Sometimes, missing important training and meetings is unavoidable. However, there’s a solution.

Put your business center-stage with Medianova’s Enterprise Video, a 360-degree video platform that showcases all of your corporate communications, orientation sessions, and training modules from a single point, all to be viewed any time of the day or night.

This show-stopper service provides an “end-to-end platform offering on-demand or live corporate video solutions,” as described on the Medianova website.

With Enterprise Video, all eyes will be on your expert staff as they conduct training sessions in the field. Moreover, your in-house meetings and presentations that stream live on this platform live will have the maximum chance to attract the maximum number of viewers. No one needs to miss an important meeting, ever again.

Indeed, with this service, you can broadcast video presentations internally, via the Intranet, or globally, via the internet.

After that, you and your staff can count on an in-depth reporting feature that compiles and stores relevant and valuable data, including the following: viewing rates, viewers, devices, and locations.

Medianova offers Enterprise Video in three different modes, depending on your firm’s requirements and resources, as outlined on the Medianova website:

Local : Provides access through Intranet and eliminates Internet costs.

Hybrid : Features low Internet and setup costs.

Cloud Enterprise Video : Offers zero setup costs.

The potential benefits of Enterprise Video are exponential. Would you like to;

  • Preserve corporate proceedings and histories on video,
  • Reduce operating costs at the office and in the field,
  • Enhance your company’s image with staff and customers,
  • Save money with pay-per-use provisions that do not reduce company bandwidth or network “Cloud” capacity,
  • Provide high-definition quality videos without interference or interruption,
  • Provide convenient on-demand viewing of all of your corporate presentations, meetings, and training sessions,
  • Make a name for yourself as a techno-savvy employer who provides employees with on-demand access to video archives via the Internet, mobile phones, and tablets,
  • Encourage and empower employees to collaborate in order to achieve more effective training results and greater productivity,
  • Benefit from maximum security capabilities, as Medianova’s Enterprise Video will always conform to your company’s specific security needs and standards,

If you answer “yes” to any or all of these questions, Medianova’s Enterprise Video services may be perfect for you, so your firm can claim a perpetual place in the spotlight with staff and customers alike.


Important Site acceleration Service Facts

At Medianova, we encourage organizations to adapt search engine optimization (SEO) in order to increase their page rank, brand visibility, and attract customers. Site acceleration is a major component of SEO. Businesses need site optimization to increase the chances of customers finding them on Google Search. Site acceleration improves your search rank while providing an exciting experience for the potential clients and customers who visit your website.

When you use a site acceleration service to hoist your website, the images load as the website loads. Even when the website has several images, the consumer does not have to wait for the website to fully load. In digital marketing, the time taken by the website to load determines a consumer’s stay on your website.

At Medianova, we offer a site acceleration service known as Aksela. Aksela has the most superior benefits when compared to other content delivery networks (CDN).  Businesses that use Aksela enhance the website load up to 43%. It uses image compression along with code optimization to reduce a company’s website loading time. This reduces the website’s load hence enhancing its performance.

aksela banner eng

Apart from improving the user’s website experience, Search Engine Optimization and search rank, site acceleration also facilitates your access to real-time analytics that may change your website marketing. You may use these analytics to improve the user’s experience.


Real-time analytics can improve your website from rearranging content to enhancing loading times thus making the website more user-friendly.

For more information on our site acceleration services or anything else, contact us.

Medianova: Now the Largest CDN of Turkey, the Middle East and Africa

Enter Medianova, the largest provider of content delivery networks (CDNs) in Turkey, the Middle East, and Africa, offering a solution to a problem emerging markets like these face more and more.

Medianova is the CDN of Turkey, Middle East and Africa

Problem: Internet Traffic Jams

Conventional websites link to a single host server. As your business grows, it may outgrow the capacity of that one server to route traffic to and from your website. The obvious advantage, of a higher volume or traffic, may come with definite disadvantages. One, your customers may experience poorer service, in the form of slower speeds and even lack of access. Secondly, expansion may necessitate your firm conduct business farther and farther away from that one server.

Effects: Missed Opportunities in Vibrant Markets

Unfortunately, in exciting, emerging markets, like countries in the Middle East and Africa, welcome surges in Internet traffic can cause unwelcome lags or interruptions in service. And those, in turn, can cap that traffic. When visitors link to websites that stall or quit, they may abandon those websites altogether. Fewer visitors to your website may equate to less business for your firm, even in the most viable, thriving markets.

Solution: Medianova’s Top Content Delivery Networks

State-of-the-art Medianova Content Delivery Networks, or “MEDIACDNs,” efficiently funnel internet traffic to multiple hosts, rather than a central hub. Please contact us so our consultants can assist your business in making the most of our top-performing CDNs.

Quite ingeniously, Medianova CDNs store your websites on multiple servers, each one strategically located throughout the world, and enable your visitors to connect to your website via a host located nearest to them. This advantage translates to faster load times and thus a more favorable user experience. A better user experience translates to increased traffic to your websites.

According to a recent Medianova blog:

Content delivery networks ensure that audio, video, and other interesting content gets delivered to the user in a way that is quick and efficient. These networks are extremely helpful for the consumer, but they also take pressure off of the websites that use them. Sites that hire content delivery networks can take pressure off of their servers and thus save money.

How does Medianova achieve such positive results?

First, Medianova offers Static Content Acceleration (CDN), a cloud hosting platform, which delivers image, video, music, CSS, and JavaScript files to end users on servers distributed geographically.

Secondly, Medianova offers “Dynamic Content Acceleration, or “Aksela,” a site acceleration platform that optimizes websites and devices to work faster.

Ultimate Benefits:

Ultimately, Medianova’s CDNs offer two key benefits: better service for your customers and bigger markets for your firm. As market analysts report, while markets in the West level off in the current business environment, markets in the Turkey, the Middle East and Africa continue to rise.

As this Medianova blog reports:

Recently, the internet penetration rate for the Middle East and North Africa checked in at around 39%, but in the coming years the penetration rate will increase. As the penetration rate grows, companies that rely on the internet will grow as well. In particular, content delivery networks should grow at a rapid pace.

To Get Ahead, Get Behind the CDN Leader, Medianova

Medianova is the content delivery powerhouse in emerging markets.  As a recent Medianova blog forecasts:

One company poised to make major strides during the next decade is Medianova. Medianova is currently the leading content delivery network in the Middle East, and they are likely to continue growing as internet usage grows in the region. This will make Medianova a technology power.

Let Medianova help your business turn a problem into a solution–and harness that power. The resultant power surge you experience may be your own!

How A CDN Can Make Your Website Faster

A Content Delivery Network – or CDN – offers many advantages to websites. One of the primary benefits of using a CDN with your website is that it will make it faster.  But how exactly does it do this, and why should this be a priority for you?

To start, lets explain how a normal website operates. For every website, there is a server that hosts it. This could be your own server, but more typically it is through a company like GoDaddy or HostGator. When someone visits your website, their computer connects to one of these servers, retrieves your website’s data, and then displays it.

With this setup, there are two problems that can arise. First, if you have a high volume of traffic visiting just one server, it can become overloaded – which will result in users being unable to access the site, or having it run very slowly. The other issue is that these servers have a physical location, and your computer needs to connect to it. If this server is far away, it will result in your website running slower.

When you use a CDN, your website is essentially stored on different servers throughout the world. In this setup, high traffic is less likely to cause an overload (since the traffic spreads out over different servers) and each person connects to the server that is closest to them. This means faster load times, and therefore a better user experience.

Speed is essential if you want to have a good website. Not only will your users enjoy using it more – no one likes to wait for a slow website – but it will improve your SEO rankings as well. It is common knowledge that Google prefers websites that load faster, and will give your website a boost in the rankings as a result. If you would like to learn more about using a CDN, or how it can help improve your website’s performance, please contact us at any time. Our team can help you get started, and discuss with you all of the benefits that come with using a Content Delivery Network.