Hello Poland. Fastest CDN Medianova is Here!


Yes, The Fastest CDN based on Cedexis real user data is now active in Poland, ready to accept Free Trial requests.

The Eastern European online market has grown substantially in the last decade. 30% of Poles shop online, a number that can only grow, and which already represents nearly ten million potential customers. In addition, overall media consumption as a share of the population nearly doubled over ten years. Now is the time to step into this market and that’s why you should know that Medianova launched its first PoP in Poland. Continue reading

Cloud SaaS Encoding Platforms The Medianova Way

Since software as a service (SaaS) provides economies of scale for small, medium and large businesses, it’s no surprise that many are relying on cloud SaaS encoding platforms for their storage needs.

Many businesses have learned that investing in the hardware, when other cloud-based companies are already better at it, is no longer a wise investment. The benefits of virtual infrastructure meant and still mean spending a fraction of the time and cost when needing to upgrade hardware.

The same is now the case for software and in many cases SaaS options are safer from fraud and theft than more traditional software options ever were.

With Medianova’s Encodio, a cloud platform that provides optimum compression of your archived files  including video, music, PDF, and live streams  we make it possible to meet your encoding needs and deliver your content to you and your users quickly, no matter what device, format or size.

Media processing is an intensive activity that can bog down servers and processors. Having a cloud-based system frees up your own network servers, allowing them to continue working at higher speeds than when performing other computing needs while also encoding.

Medianova’s system is guaranteed to streamline your operations by encoding your files up to six times faster. It’s completely compatible with all CDNs and ensures minimum consumption of your resources, including bandwidth.

With high security and fanatical support (think “never have to wait again for service”), it’s no wonder that Medianova is the leading CDN of Turkey, the Middle East and Africa.

For more information on how we can help you find the solution to your SaaS encoding platform needs, contact us.

The Myths And Misconceptions Of A CDN

Have you ever asked yourself this question: “What do I need to do to make this website faster and more efficient?”


Chances are you probably have. This type of question is asked in many businesses on a regular basis. You have probably received complaints from website visitors, and you have probably seen the numbers of how many people have left your website after a short period of time due to your pages loading slowly.


Many people today are not patient. When they want something, they expect to get it immediately. They expect websites to be fast, reliable, and secure. What can you do to create a great customer experience on your website?

Using a CDN(content delivery network) provider is a great way for you to make your website’s performance better. However, purchasing a content delivery network is not as easy as it may seem for some people.

Many people believe various things about content delivery networks, and many of these things are myths and misconceptions.

You should be aware of the common myths that are told and believed by many businesses.

  • I do not need to use more than one content delivery network provider; all I need is one major provider.
  • If I use a CDN, all of the website’s performance issues will be solved.
  • I can use the cheapest content delivery network and it will solve my problems.

A content delivery network may not be a good fit for all websites, such as the website that use dynamic content. If your website uses static content, a content delivery network will be a good fit for that kind of content. Some businesses need to use more than one CDN provider to get the right speed and performance they are looking for on the website.

There are plenty of misconceptions and myths about content delivery networks. This is why it is important to do your research and ask questions when needed. If your website’s performance is not of the quality you want it to be, do not hesitate to contact us for information.

Optimize Your Website With A Content Delivery Network: Get Ready For The Holiday Rush

The exciting holiday season will be here very soon. Is your website capable of handling the frenzy that will happen during the upcoming weeks? It is important that your website’s homepage and under pages are able to handle the amount of traffic your website will get. You want the extra customer traffic to result in a purchase, and not result in frustration for the visitors who cannot access your page.

To get you prepared, there are several ways you can optimize your e-commerce website for not only the holiday season but for any other time of the year as well.

Give Your Website Some Speed

If your website is slow, it will result in people leaving your website for a fast-loading website. The average website visitor will lose patients in a matter of seconds if your website loads too slowly. What can you do to speed up your website?

  • Think about using a content delivery network so you will know that your website’s pages will load quickly. The website’s visitors will see the pages load quickly, regardless of where they are located in the world.
  • Make sure your photos or videos will be able to load quickly on your website.
  • Make sure your server or servers are able to handle the holiday frenzy.

Create An Appealing Website

We all know that the first impression can mean everything. If you want your website’s visitor’s to turn into paying visitors, then you will need to make sure your website appeals to them. You want to reel them in with an awesome website.

If they have even one glance at your website and it is not appealing, they will likely to hit the exit button. Since it is the holidays, you can think about adding images or videos that are appealing to them. You know they are looking to purchase holiday gifts, why not highlight some of your best items to attract them?

If you want to know more information about how you can get your website ready for the holiday rush, do not hesitate to contact us today.

The Middle East has a rising demand for Content Delivery Networks

The internet has been growing at a rapid pace since it first emerged in the early nineties. For years, this growth came from the United States and Europe, but with most people in the Western world having access to the internet that growth in demand has started to slow down. Today, one of the fastest growing sectors is the Middle East.

The internet is a powerful source of communication and millions of people across the Middle East are utilizing it every day. These users access the internet for everything including business, games, and social networking. Recently, the internet penetration rate for the Middle East and North Africa checked in at around 39%, but in the coming years the penetration rate will increase.

gogoThe Middle East represents a major area of growth for the internet. People throughout the Middle East are going to seek access to the internet. As the penetration rate grows, companies that rely on the internet will grow as well. In particular, content delivery networks should grow at a rapid pace.


Content delivery networks ensure that audio, video, and other interesting content gets delivered to the user in a way that is quick and efficient. These networks are extremely helpful for the consumer, but they also take pressure off of the websites that use them. Sites that hire content delivery networks can take pressure off of their servers and thus save money.


The Middle East is a growth sector for content delivery networks. As more people in this region begin to access the internet, content delivery networks will grow. One company poised to make major strides during the next decade is Medianova. Medianova is currently the leading content delivery network in the Middle East, and they are likely to continue growing as internet usage grows in the region. This will make Medianova a technology power.

The internet is a powerful force that will change the way we do business. One of the most powerful companies in this new future will be Medianova, contact us today to receive more details.

Medianova is the best CDN in Turkey, the Middle East, and Africa

One of the most important things about a CDN is its geographic location. The geographic location of a CDN effects how quickly and effectively your website’s content reaches a potential consumer.

If your users based in Turkey, the Middle East, or Africa and you are trying to promote your business via the digital world, you are very lucky. Because you have Medianova as an option for your CDN.

Medianova is the best CDN to have nearby, because they offer much more than just content delivery.


Medianova has a program in place that will encode sensitive data for your company to make sure that it fits to all devices. This encoding process will also compress your data, meaning that you don’t have to take up as much space on the cloud and your CDN costs are much lower.

Cloud storage and Hosting

Medianova will take care of all of the storage needed for your information to be safely protected. if you need, we can even provide hosting for you, so that you don’t need to invest in a physical server.

Internet streaming

Medianova has options in terms of hosting video-streaming and live streams on your website.

With the wide array of options that Medianova presents in conjunction with its geographic location, it is clear that Medianova is the only CDN you should work with if you are based in Africa, Turkey, or the Middle East.

If you are looking for a CDN that will fit your businesses individual needs in a variety of ways contact us.

How Can A CDN Improve Your Social Media Website Or Blog?

Just in case you have not noticed, social media has a huge impact on the world now. There are billions of people who cannot go a day without logging into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all of the other popular social networking websites.

The growth of social media has created numerous opportunities for marketing and advertising, but sometimes there are problems due to the popularity of social media. With so many users on these websites, how can the websites possibly sustain all of the traffic? How can they deliver the data to all of these people without any delays?

In this case, the best solution will be to implement a CDN. A CDN was created with the thought of improving and accelerating a website. A content delivery network has been used as a solution of handling excessive traffic to a website. A CDN uses various servers across the world, and this makes it easier for users to access the website regardless of what part of the world they are in.


When a website user wants to access a particular social media website, that user is sent to the closest server. This is certainly a great method for controlling the website’s data because it decreases the distance between the website user and the website. Website viewers will not have to worry about a delay when accessing and viewing the website.

Even if you are not creating a social media network, a CDN is still an effective way to make sure your website or blog can be accessed by all people regardless of what their location is. Your website or blog will remain stable and productive, not only now, but in the future as well.

If you are planning to create a website, blog, or social media network and you want to provide your viewers with the best experience, contact us today to ask about CDN.