Hello Poland. Fastest CDN Medianova is Here!


Yes, The Fastest CDN based on Cedexis real user data is now active in Poland, ready to accept Free Trial requests.

The Eastern European online market has grown substantially in the last decade. 30% of Poles shop online, a number that can only grow, and which already represents nearly ten million potential customers. In addition, overall media consumption as a share of the population nearly doubled over ten years. Now is the time to step into this market and that’s why you should know that Medianova launched its first PoP in Poland. Continue reading

What is a Content Delivery Network?

The old way to sell a product is to hang the “OPEN” sign in the window, unlock the front door, and wait for business to walk in. That doesn’t work anymore. Every business needs a web presence; a website, and acontent delivery network, for selling on-line and for getting the customers to walk in that door.

Well, what the heck is a Content Delivery Network anyway, and what will it do for me?

Remember the old door-to-door sales person? You gave them a territory, and he or she used up their shoe leather covering it. CDNs are your modern  door knockers, using the internet to present your product to customers all over the world-wide web. Technically CDNs are a large distribution system of computer servers in multiple data centers, all connected together. One CDN will send your product information to thousands of virtual door ways in moments, saving you time and distribution costs, and bring you back sales quicker than any worn out door-to-door sales person could have.


CDNs are walking up  to the virtual  doors of countless homes and business offices, using multiple backbones and bridges to get your message out; including streaming, blogs, emails, social media, and the Cloud. Imagine releasing tens of thousands of sales people, with your product samples in their briefcases, on to the streets of the world all at once. This is the power of a CDN.

Another great advantage of working in a CDN is how specific and focused you can make your message. Pick out a market niche, write content to grab their attention,  and  send it to the servers that will use the right key words to find your buyers. Content can be sales pitches, informational blogs, tweets, or personal invitations. A CDN is simple, relatively inexpensive, and very effective.

The bottom line is that business that send their message via the internet by way of  CDNs will make more sales, simply because they will be reaching more people, in more efficient, and better focused efforts.

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Medianova is the CDN of Turkey, Middle East and Africa: Could You Use These Services?

Many people inquire about content delivery networks, also known as CDNs, and how they can fit into their business. For many websites, A CDN is a must have. However, it is not a necessity for all websites. For instance, if you are hosting a website in a local area and all of your users are in the area, using a CDN may not help that much.

blog-cloud-cdnFor those websites who can benefit from a CDN, it can provide your website visitors with a high quality user experience that will include faster pages on your websites and less time sitting in front of the computer waiting on it to load. A CDN can also save your business a significant amount of money, and you can also reduce the damage that may occur from cyber attacks.

Website users want to experience higher-quality experiences when they are viewing websites. With broadband and other high-quality internet services, there is a demand for quick access, top of the line media, software, and other applications. With the availability of these tools, it should make delivering these services a top priority.

Can your blog or website benefit from making high quality media available to your viewers? Do you have concerns that the server you are using may not be able to store all you files and applications? If you are concerned, you have a good reason to be concerned.

Customers and website viewers are sometimes impatient, probably now more than ever. Medianova is the CDN of Turkey, Middle East and Africa; we have  reliable CDN that can quickly deliver all of your website’s content to your businesses’ website without long waiting periods. Every last one of your pages will load smoothly and quickly.

What Can You Expect From Medianova?

  • Faster and smoother delivery
  • Better security
  • Simple backups
  • A great level of support
  • Decreased downtime

If you need any advice about Medianova and the services we can offer your business, contact us today.

Do You Need a CDN For Your Media Content?

CDN (Content Delivery Network) delivers high quality and rich content to all of your web users. A CDN has a network of servers that are in various locations across the world. Whenever you upload your videos, your photos, your music, and any other content, there will be a copy of those files placed on a server.

Benefits of CDN


When a web user visits your site from a particular location, they will have access to your files from a nearby server. This will help the speed to be increased tremendously. When files are placed in multiple locations, this allows you the benefit of having nearly 100 percent of uptime.

If there are any issues, a CDN server will handle those problems automatically. This is also another reason many websites are choosing to use a content delivery network for all of their media content.

If you receive complaints about your servers being bogged down or if you are receiving a spike in traffic, then you may need to consider using a CDN. You should also choose a CDN if the solution you are using is hitting you with too many fees or if you have to pay at a high rate.

For many businesses, they will find that a CDN will be an effective solution. If you are thinking beyond the long-term, using a content delivery network is a solution that can grow with your business.

If you have an abundance of content media on your website and you need to stream media, then you will need special software to enable this content to run. Many CDNs already have this software available on their platform.

If you want to know if you need a CDN, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have a large or small amount of content on your site?
  • Do you have plenty of web users visiting your site?
  • Where are these web users located?

If you think that a CDN is perfect for the needs of you business, but you are unsure of which CDN will be perfect for you, you should contact us today. We can discuss all options that you have.

Site Acceleration is the First Essential SEO Practice

Site Acceleration

Businesses of all sizes are encouraged to practice search engine optimization (SEO). The goals of SEO are to increase your brand visibility, increase your page rank on Google, and attract new customers to your website.

Using a site acceleration service is an important component of SEO. One of the first things search engines like Google and Bing look for is how fast your website loads.

Search Engine Land, an excellent resource for all SEO-related topics, came up with a “periodic table of SEO” to help business owners new to the practice. Here are a few questions proposed by the guide that will give you insight into your website marketing:

  • Can search engines easily “crawl” pages on your site?
  • Does your site load quickly?
  • Does your site work well for mobile visitors on smartphones and tablets?

Even if you’re new to the practice, you should be able to guess that answering “yes” to these questions is better than saying “no.” Google’s algorithm takes all of these factors into account when ranking your website as well as your competitors’ sites.

At Medianova, we offer a site acceleration service called Aksela. After businesses implement our Aksela solution, their website loads up to 43% faster. As a result, their SEO improves and their page rank on Google goes up.

Using a site acceleration service is especially important for businesses that answered “no” to all three of the aforementioned questions. The bad news is that you have a lot of work to do in terms of SEO, but the good news is that you have a lot of options and potential to improve your page rank on search engines.

Medianova is the biggest content delivery network in Turkey and the Middle East. If you would like more information about our site acceleration service or SEO, contact us today. 

Medianova is the biggest content delivery network in Turkey and the Middle East. If you would like more information about our site acceleration service or SEO, contact us today.

Web Request Size Keeps Growing and Growing – Are You Prepared?

A fact of modern enterprise is that you will need the web. Consumer-facing portals, e-commerce, internal enterprise applications – they are all necessary in order to be competitive. Since dealing with the web is a necessity, you will also have to deal with its most common and crucial payload – the web page. The key trend to watch with web pages is average request size. The bottom line is that it has rapidly gotten much bigger and this growth shows no sign of slowing down.

A Look at the Data

One of the best ways to monitor this topic is through the HTTP Archive. This source gathers information from the Alexa Top 1,000,000 sites in order to build a picture of how web traffic is evolving. The total transfer size and total requests over the past 3 years are striking. There has been a gradual increase in the total number of requests, but the rate of growth of total transfer size is an order of magnitude greater. As of 10/2014 average request sizes are at 1899 kB. It appears that we will be topping 2MB by 2015.

Transfer and Request Size

An Explanation

This may fly in the face of expectations. It is true that image content and video delivered through the average session have gotten richer. Javascript and CSS have also gotten much more involved and become greater fixtures as web pages have become more graphical and dynamic.

However, mobile has replaced the PC as the primary means of access, and mobile sessions are optimized for less bandwidth. With the average user accessing from a mobile device, we could expect some leveling off.

Perhaps the rise of super-fast, multicore smartphones with large displays has tipped the balance in favor of richer websites. Battles such as the one between the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the iPhone 6 are heating up and bringing user expectations for the mobile experience closer to those of the PC.

What Can You Do?

In any case, we are approaching 2MB needed for the average web transfer. The most reliable studies show that a web page needs to load within 2 seconds – or less – before engagement goes down to zero. When it is crucial to deliver a MB or more per second or risk losing customers, you will need any advantage at your disposal. Contact Medianova to learn how our content delivery networks (CDN) and other suite of solutions can help accelerate your online presence and help you keep pace with the rapid change of web technology.

New Internet Growth Spots are in Middle East and Africa

The internet population of the world, often referred to as its “netizens,” has more than doubled in an incredibly short time. From 2007 to 2012, there was a twofold increase in the number of people globally that have regular access to the internet.

This rapid explosion of internet adopters has, not surprisingly, occurred in markets that do not have very deep roots with digital communication infrastructure. North America and Europe have shown some growth, but they are about as plugged-in to the internet as they can possibly be. However, the growth in the internet population of regions that are starting to embrace the high-tech market has been phenomenal. The Middle East showed a 294 percent increase in this time frame, while Africa led the world in growth at 317 percent.

What this means is that these are the prime growth markets for content delivery networks (CDN). CDN improves the reliability and latency of digital media, websites, and other data-intensive forms of internet communication.

One reason why it is so valuable is that the digital adoption patterns in the Middle East and Africa are very different from the patterns in other regions as they began to adopt the internet. Thanks to internet and mobile technology, many people in these regions are sidestepping older, more bandwidth intensive forms of communication and going directly to those that are powered by digital technology.

For instance, a report from McKinsey has profiled the new online consumer habits in Africa. The report found that that these users were involved with gaming, social networking, and watching video far more than with shopping or managing bank accounts. These are exactly the types of activities that benefit from a CDN.

For more about how CDN will play a great role in the internet population explosion, contact Medianova, the CDN of Turkey, the Middle East, and Africa.